Dolphin Energy cooperates with the Development Authority and the Etisalat Academy to provide training and development opportunities for citizens

Dolphin Energy Limited today signed an agreement with the National Human Resources Development and Employment Authority “Tanmia” and the Etisalat Academy to train 500 citizens and qualify them to work in the public and private sectors during the next five years.The agreement comes as a continuation of the “Absher” initiative launched by the Ministry of Presidential Affairs and supports the wise vision of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the State, “may God protect him,” with the aim of training, developing and employing Emirati competencies.Dolphin Energy Limited signed a two-stage cooperation agreement with the Ministry in May 2012. The first aims to employ 100 citizens over a period of 5 years until 2017, while today witnesses the implementation of the second stage, which comes under the slogan of strengthening the Emiratisation strategy and investing in all modern means and technologies in order to preserve… A sophisticated and advanced work environment.The Development Authority hosted the signing ceremony at its headquarters in Dubai, which marks the culmination of the launch of the second phase of the agreement, in the presence of His Excellency Nasser Butti Al Shamsi, Director General of the Human Resources Development and Employment Authority, Ibrahim Ahmed Al Ansari, Director General of Dolphin Energy Limited in the UAE, and Ali Al Sharid, CEO of Etisalat Services Holding Company.Al-Ansari said that it is a promising step, as the efforts of the two leading training institutions, the Development Authority and the Etisalat Academy, will have a prominent role in the success of this important initiative. He stressed the importance of companies such as Dolphin Energy Limited showing their support for programs to enhance the Emiratisation strategy and cooperating with leading institutions that take care of the interests of Emirati citizens and are keen to Developing their competencies, as this initiative supports the company’s internal strategy.This new program targets institutions in the public and private sectors participating in the “Absher” initiative, which follows a special policy in the field of employment and training.The Ministry of Presidential Affairs had chosen a development authority to organize these requirements and cooperate with the companies concerned to meet their needs. In addition, the development authority will provide CVs and candidates to fill vacant positions in these companies.His Excellency Nasser Butti Al Shamsi praised this agreement and said, “Our mission is to work on developing the skills of citizens and qualifying them to occupy various jobs in the public and private sectors, and this is clearly evident in the agreement concluded with leading institutions such as Dolphin Energy Limited and the Etisalat Academy.” He pointed out that growth The ongoing economic growth witnessed by the country requires an increase in the number of Emirati employees who will benefit from these training programs at all professional and personal levels.While Dolphin Energy Limited is financing the program, Etisalat Academy will work to strengthen ties with Tanmia to provide training programs focusing on 4 main areas: developing English language skills, preparing for future work requirements, self-development, and teamwork.All of these programs aim to support current employees who need additional qualification in the fields of secretarial, administration, human resources, sales, retail sales and public relations, or who seek to possess these skills before embarking on a career path.Ali Al-Shared praised the support provided by the Etisalat Academy and said, “Every citizen has the right to obtain a job opportunity and enjoy all the benefits that this entails.” He pointed out that the Academy will play its role in preparing the trainees, especially since this program will provide a basic base for them to begin their careers with… Internationally recognized certificates and practical experience.He expressed his aspiration to work with the Development Authority and Dolphin Energy Limited in order to achieve the desired success of this important program.The first training sessions are scheduled for June 16.​

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